¥€$4F1&RC/O2 is a new Central Park for Łódź that covers approximately 25.5 ha. Functional program is divided into 6 different design categories (Electric Cars Race-track, Roller coaster, Combustion Plant, Central Park, Flats and Offices and High-speed train), which overlap vertically under and above a green carpet shaped in a form of natural landscape.
Taking into account trends in nowadays lifestyles – housing and offices are surrounded with green area connected with eco-friendly amusement park. The new Combustion Plant for Łódź balances the energy flow between all the new functions. At the same time it is formed in a shape of multiuse hill that underlines the ecological values of the project.

where: Łódź, PL
when: 2011
why: academic work
with: Ewa Szylberg
Mateusz Wójcicki