Ruczaj Memorial Site
Skwer Ruczaj

During the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 about 200 thousand inhabitants were killed and 85% of the city buildings were destroyed. On many streets of the city one can find plaques and stones commemorating the Battle of Warsaw residents or executions carried out during World War II. One of these monuments is a Ruczaj AK group stone located on the square in the center of Warsaw. Originally the monument was placed on the part of the square, which is now being reclaimed by the rightful owners. The principal aim of the intervention was to relocate the memorial stone to the part of the square, which is owned by the city. The main aim of the project was to redesign memorial site in such way that it might attract new generations to explore the history of the city and allow for silent reflection on the victims of Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The new memorial site had to find its place inside existing park, with the respect to the old trees and at the same time it had to be placed next to the road with high traffic. Therefore the form of this space had to be shaped with the respect to the location of surrounding trees. As a result a new memorial site is in a form of irregular shape of 56 sqm, surrounded by lawn. In order to strengthen the intimacy of created space the whole site is depressed 60 centimetres bellow the park and street level. Created space gives an opportunity to place yourself in the position of distance to the surrounding world inside the rush center of Warsaw.

Design: 2013
Construction: 2013
Size: 56 m²
Zarząd Terenów Publicznych
Skwer Batalionu AK “Ruczaj”, Warsaw, Poland
VGR – Architecture Studio
Krystian Kwieciński
Violetta Kwiecińska
Adam Lubczyński
Jadwiga Marcinkiewicz
Krystian Kwieciński