ITC entrance

the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering is located in 2 buildings, one of which is ITC building. Both buildings were built in the 50s of the twentieth century and currently require modernization to meet the standards of 21’st century educational facilities. In 2008, the FPAE decided to rebuild the main entrance to the ITC building in order to make it accessible for disabled people. Therefore a space located in front of the building, which was completely inaccessible and unused until then, had to be adapted and transformed.
The challenge within was to redesign the entrance of the historic building with respect to the classical-symmetrical façade and at the same time to present the atmosphere of the high-end research that is undertaken inside. New entrance had to present the faculty as an open-minded institution, which is attracting students from around the world by educating them on the highest level and undertaking innovative research programs.
Modernization of the entrance stairs to the ITC building evolved into the redevelopment of the entire front yard which eventually became a new public square. To make the building accessible for the disabled people the ramp with the total length of 17,8 m was divided into two parts, located symmetrically on the two sides of the main entrance. Thus, a new plaza level was introduced into the space of the square where sitting places were placed. On both sides of the entrance steel canopies were placed to enable people to use the space despite bad weather conditions. Moreover, under the canopies an educational exposition was arranged: a fourteen-ton turbine from Warsaw power plant together with an underground exhibition space where the heat pipeline is placed explain how the heating system works in city.

Design: 2009-2011
Construction: 2011-2013
Size: 395 m²
Wydział Mechaniczny Energetyki i Lotnictwa Politechniki Warszawskiej
ul. Nowowiejska 21/25, Warsaw, Poland
VGR – Architecture Studio
Krystian Kwieciński
Violetta Kwiecińska
Steel Structure:
Stanisław Wierzbicki
Mirosław Siennicki
Concrete Structure:
Adam Lubczyński
Adam Filipiuk
Andrzej Czardybon
Electrical Installations:
Marcin Pazura
Patrycja Sołtan